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About us

We believe that usage of high-quality and natural products make us healthier and more productive.

Foksas Limited aims to show food importance for human life. After all, each product that is placed into the human body affects our well-being. Shall we use natural products, which are enriched with vitamins, minerals and good bacteria? Let us rejoice today and be glad. We can be healthy, happy and productive together.

The company was founded in 2010. Our company’s main activities are organic food and cosmetics import, wholesale, distribution Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Eastern Europe. Core products, which we distribute, are listed below:
a) Naturela organic coffee, tea and cocoa.
b) Organic sunflower, olive and coconut oils Bionaturalis.
c) Italian durum wheat pasta Al Dente.

We represent globally recognized brands, "Naturela", "BIOnaturalis, Naturalisimo", “Al Dente. "

Objectives - happy customer, long-term relationships with partners.

Mission - healthy lifestyle promotion and awareness of organic products, their benefits.

Vision – we aim to meet the needs of consumers by producing high-quality, organic and natural products.

Values: healthy, confident and productive society; harmonious family; self development.

  • healthy lifestyle
  • productive life
  • time with family
  • sharing quality



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