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History of FOKSAS

FOKSAS has been in Lithuania for almost 10 years. During this period, great and invaluable experience in the field of product search, realization and successful life of the products useful for your life has been gained. More than 60 different products have been launched into the European market and major trade centres in Lithuania, most of which are still present on the market.

Every year the company inflows in a bigger number of different markets: starting from Lithuania in 2010, today the company can boast of having entrenched well on the markets in Latvia, Estonia and Eastern Europe.

Now FOKSAS can boldly take pleasure in the highest quality, precisely selected and tested products: only ecological and natural products necessary for maintaining sustainable health, and the best specialists in the field of supply, logistics, sales and marketing.

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It is the result of long years and sincere work. We are pleased to be able not only to do business successfully but also to contribute to a better life quality of each of us.

FOKSAS awards

This long path only marks the professionalism of FOKSAS in its field, and here are the most important official company awards listed below:

  • Gazelė 2018
  • Gazelė 2016
  • Your Most Popular Product 2016 (Cosmetic Coconut Oil)
  • Young and Enterprising 2016 (one of the top three)

 FOKSAS is concerned about


We work not only for ourselves but also for people. By living in the same society, we feel socially responsible for the health of each of us, and every product that is launched on the market resulted from previous thought about common social or health problems in society.


We care about the environment that surrounds us. After all, the best-harvested products that turn into products on our table are obtained from fostered and uncontaminated nature. That is why we cherish and appreciate what nature gives us.


Act professionally and competitively. This is what we care about most; therefore, after choosing the best specialists, we operate based on the best knowledge in our field of activity: we constantly improve our knowledge and update it. That is why we are always a step ahead.

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