coco milk

Organic coconut milk ,,Bionaturalis”

Contains only coconut milk 68% and water 32%. No unwanted additions. This coconut milk is an integral part of the food ingredient. It contains: vitamins B1, B2, B5, C, sucrose, glucose, fatty acids, antioxidants, macro and microelements – phosphorus, potassium, calcium, iron, and sodium. Coconut milk effectively reduces thirst, helps to regain strength, cleanses blood,[…]

Organic coconut oil Bionaturalis- Cosmetic (200ml or 500ml)

Unrefined coconut oil ,,Bionaturalis” irreplaceable natural beauty tool. Coconut oil is a great natural measure for your hair and skin. It supports healthy hair structure, promotes hair growth and provides a high-quality gloss. Coconut oil ,,Bionaturalis“ is a good solution to prevent from dry and scaly skin. Coconut oil helps keep skin moisture, protects against[…]


Refined coconut oil ,,Naturalisimo”

Refined coconut oil is a natural substitute for other oils, butter or margarine. 100% natural coconut oil is suitable for healthy food. Suitable for sauces, stews, salad dressing. Or you can just put on the bread. Contains no lactose and gluten free. It is one of the most suitable oils for grilling dishes in a[…]

Organic coconut flour ,,Bionaturalis”

Coconut flour is suitable for sauces, baked goods, drinks, exotic dishes. Provides delicate coconut flavor and aroma. Coconut flour  ,,Bionaturalis” origin country Sri Lanka. Organic coconut flour has the following characteristics: Gluten free; High in fiber; Easy to digest; Helps to loss weight; For a long time gives a feeling of saturation; Suitable for vegans;[…]