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Cold-pressed corn oil NATURALISIMO 500ml

Produced only from top-quality corn germ, cold-pressed unrefined corn oil Naturalisimo has a tender taste and a pleasant smell. Perfect with salads, sauces, pastas, spreads and other types of already prepared food.    Rich in vitamin E (amount and reference value are indicated in section Energy and Nutritional Value). The oil contains monounsaturated as well as[…]

Organic red wine vinegar BIONATURALIS 500ml

Organic red wine vinegar Bionaturalis is made from real Italian red wine. A perfect ingredient of salad dressings, sauces or red meat marinades.   Ingredients: organic red wine. Allergens: contains sulphites. Acidity: 6%. Allergens: contains sulphites. Acidity: 6%. Country of origin: Italy. Net quantity: 500 ml. Storage conditions: must be kept in temperatures -2/+30°C. Avoid[…]

Organic white wine vinegar BIONATURALIS 500ml

Organic white wine vinegar Bionaturalis is made from real Italian white wine. It is great with salads as well as vegetable dishes and is a perfect ingredient of poultry and fish marinades. Ingredients: organic white wine. Allergens: contains sulphites. Acidity: 6%. Country of origin: Italy. Net quantity: 500 ml. Storage conditions: must be kept in[…]

Organic apple cider vinegar cream BIONATURALIS 250ml

This organic apple cider vinegar cream (Apple Glaze) is a unique Italian product, made from ecologically grown apples that have a sweet yet slightly acidic taste. This sweet-and-sour product will be perfect with various salads, fruit, meat and fish dishes as well as desserts. Naturally gluten-free. Ingredients: organic apple juice from concentrate, organic apple cider[…]

Organic balsamic vinegar of Modena BIONATURALIS 250ml

Having a delicate yet expressive aroma and a sweet-and-sour flavor, this dark brown authentic, organic balsamic vinegar with a protected geographical indication comes from the region of Modena, known for its ancient traditions of making balsamic vinegars. Bionaturalis is great with various vegetable and meat dishes, salads, omelettes, desserts, cheeses and other types of snacks. […]

extra virgin 0.5l

Bionaturalis PREMIUM quality organic Extra Virgin cold extracted olive oil 500ml

PREMIUM Quality, Organic, Cold Extracted, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bionaturalis. It is an olive oil of Chemlali variety known for its purity. Having preserved its natural properties, the Bionaturalis olive oil is not only healthy but also delicious. The organic Bionaturalis PREMIUM olive oil is with particularly low acidity. This indicator is used to measure the quality of olive[…]

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Organic Premium Ghee Butter “Bionaturalis” 325 ml

Bionaturalis Ghee butter is mainly used in the kitchen to cook, fry and stew. It can be also used for baking (instead of butter or oil) as well as the basis for soups and sauces. Also, it is naturally rich in Vitamins A, E, and K, Omega-3, CLA, and butyric acid. This Ghee butter is[…]

Organic apple cider vinegar ,,Bionaturalis”

Organic cider vinegar ,,Bionaturalis” acidity 5%. This apple cider vinegar is perfect for sauces, marinades, soups, salad dressing. Shake before use. There may be sediment due to the natural biological process.              

Organic Apple Vinegar ,,Bionaturalis”

The organic apple vinegar ,,Bionaturalis” is perfect for sauces, soups, salad dressing. Acidity 6%. The apple vinegar has antiseptic properties that help to treat inflammation. Women often use this product as a beauty tool.


Unrefined cold pressed flaxseed oil Naturalisimo

Unrefined cold pressed flaxseed oil is an omega-3 fatty acid source that is essential for the human body. Do not heat oil, use for cold dishes. It is recommended to dress salads, sauces, cold soups, mashed vegetables, sprinkle prepared meals, or simply take a teaspoon as a dose of vitamins. 

Cold Pressed Pure Avocado Oil

Organic Cold Pressed Pure Avocado Oil 250ml

Bionaturalis Organic Cold Pressed Avocado Oil has the smooth and mild taste of ripe avocado. It’s perfect for gentle heating in a frying pan as well as high heat of up to 255°C. Drizzle over salads and vegetables and it’s great with seafood too. The many uses of avocado oil include: Panfrying and wok cooking[…]

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Organic Cold Pressed Walnut Oil 250ml

Bionaturalis organic walnut oil is gently cold pressed without chemicals and carefully filtered to ensure the best nutrition and flavour. We use only the best quality organic walnuts grown in south countries – dried and then cold-pressed. Bionaturalis walnut oil is rich in phytonutrients and are an excellent source of selenium, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc, iron[…]

Organic Flax Seed Oil Bionaturalis 250ml

Organic unrefined flax seed oil Bionaturalis 250 ml. You can dress your salads, make sauces, cold soups, porridge or simply take a teaspoon. Flax seed oil has a high-fiber, water-soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber helps to lower cholesterol and glucose levels, and insoluble improves the digestive system. Dark glass bottle Origin: The Netherlands    […]

Organic sesame Oil Bionaturalis 250ml

Sesame Oil keeps all its good qualities when using it unrefined. In ancient times, sesame was associated with immortality. Oil contains polyunsaturated fatty acids. This oil contains eight major amino acids, including leucitin and myotin, and also rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus. Oil of pleasant taste and aroma. As well as oils help to control[…]

Organic Pumpkin seed Oil Bionaturalis 250ml

Organic unrefined pumpkin seed oil Bionaturalis 250 ml Cold-pressed pumpkin seed oil has a distinctive sweet taste and aroma, a natural product of the highest quality. This is a very valuable oil, which contains a range of useful vitamins (A, D, E). We recommend it to use for salads, porridge, soups, green smoothies, or just[…]

Organic rapeseed oil ,,Bionaturalis”

It is suitable for baking, roasting or just for food. This oil is particularly suitable for baking, because it does not release carcinogens at high temperatures. Contains polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are especially important because the body itself does not produce these acids – it comes only with food. Of all vegetable oils, rapeseed oil[…]

Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil Naturalisimo (1l.)

Rich in:  vitamin E, and unsaturated Omega fatty acids (oleic acid) -cold-pressed, mechanically filtered -100% vegetable sunflower oil is produced by only one cold pressing, from high oily sunflower seeds. – It is not refined, it is with no additives – It can be also heated to high temperatures (up to 200°C) and therefore it[…]

Neutral taste and smell sunflower oil ,,Naturalisimo”

Neutral taste and smell sunflower oil. The oil is made from high oleic sunflower, so it is perfect for baking, although it is cold pressed. This oil is perfect for frying and dressing lettuce. Cold pressed, unrefined, deodorized.

Organic Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil Bionaturalis (1l.)

Salad dressing, cooking with high quality sunflower oil. Organic cold pressed sunflower oil BIO NATURALIS Organic cold pressed Sunflower Oil BIONATURALIS. It is a good source of vitamin E and ideal for using in salads, cooking and baking. Per 100ml Energy: 3700kJ/900kcal; 0g. Cholesterol; 0g. Carbohydrate; 100g. Fat; 30 mg. Vitamin E . Best to[…]

Organic coconut oil Bionaturalis- Cosmetic (200ml or 500ml)

Unrefined coconut oil ,,Bionaturalis” irreplaceable natural beauty tool. Coconut oil is a great natural measure for your hair and skin. It supports healthy hair structure, promotes hair growth and provides a high-quality gloss. Coconut oil ,,Bionaturalis“ is a good solution to prevent from dry and scaly skin. Coconut oil helps keep skin moisture, protects against[…]


Refined coconut oil ,,Naturalisimo”

Refined coconut oil is a natural substitute for other oils, butter or margarine. 100% natural coconut oil is suitable for healthy food. Suitable for sauces, stews, salad dressing. Or you can just put on the bread. Contains no lactose and gluten free. It is one of the most suitable oils for grilling dishes in a[…]