Organic chickpeas BIONATURALIS 800g


Organic chickpeas, or otherwise known as Turkish peas, is an eastern legume with a particularly high nutritional value. Chickpeas are one of the most nutritious vegetables. Chickpeas are rich in B vitamins, magnesium, zinc, potassium, sodium, phosphorus and iron. Chickpeas are also high in plant-based and fiber proteins that help to regulate normal cholesterol levels.

avinzirniaiOur chickpeas are grown on an organic farm and are labeled with the “Keyhole” symbol, which aims to help consumers choose among other foods in the same group. Products have a “keyhole” that has less added sugar, salt, saturated fat, trans fat, does not contain food sweeteners. Grain-based products contain more dietary fiber.

Chickpeas can be consumed on their own, to flavor salads, soups, stews, to make humus, pancakes, falafel, desserts, Indian curry and tahini sauce. Try it yourself!