Premium Organic Ground Coffee – Naturela, 100% Arabica (500g.)

A day can not last without Naturela coffee!

malta kava 500g

Old traditions of beans roasting in a low temperature and 100% natural coffee plantation harvesting are the key aspect that creates a great coffee.

“Naturela” is committed to the quality of its coffee beans originating from certified organic plantations. Our 100% French company uses a slow and artisanal roasting method which distinguishes it from industrial products.

“Naturela” can be characterized by the rich taste and excellent aroma. The premium blend organic coffee beans are grown without any chemicals, only by BIO technologies. “Naturela” ground coffee is a great choice for coffee lovers. By the way, these coffee beans are suitable for use in coffee machines.

You have to try this organic ground coffee, which is as pure as possible. Naturela is more than coffee it is a part of fair trade and natural gastronomy association.


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