Organic Kalamata whole black olives in brine Bionaturalis 290g.

Tasty, large, juicy black Kalamata olives, whole. This is a great appetizer, snack or garnish. Olives carefully grown and harvested in Greece. Greece is olives homeland. Kalamata – perhaps the most famous Greek olives, whose name comes from the Greek city of Kalamata. Plum, almond-shaped olives stands out for its strong and rich flavor. The Greeks excellent knowledge of olive cultivation in the process, as they precisely were the first to do this. Olives grown in organic field, the product is very good quality.

Olives are rich in nutrients: protein, 40 percent. of olive consists of good fat, so it is recommended to eat them more often, as well as olive oil sprinkle salads.

The product is pasteurized.

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